High-quality laminate flooring manufacturing factory in Vietnam

Why you should order manufacturing Laminate Flooring in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a tropical country where forest covered by 29% of its territory. The country has many advantages in the Laminate Flooring Industrial since the locals can provide materials for manufacturing. Furthermore, the average wages are far cheaper than in other nearby countries.
Demands in the market increases in Vietnam for what Laminate Flooring uses bring. However, Imported Laminate Flooring is expensive and not affordable for most average people in Vietnam to buy. The demand for aminate flooring in Vietnam is increasing due to the benefits that they bring.
Because of the above reasons, a number of laminate flooring factories have been built in Vietnam in some industrial areas such as Lang Hoa Lac, Hung Yen, Ha Nam ... using machinery lines imported from  strong wood flooring industry such as Germany and Malaysia. Since then Vietnam's laminate flooring has been dominating the market of laminate flooring products manufactured in Vietnam.

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Scale of Laminate Flooring factories in Vietnam.

Currently, the scale of Vietnam's Laminate Flooring factory is very large, not only to serve domestic demand but also to export to foreign countries. Since Vietnam has signed several global agreements, the export tax is the lowered, so that Laminate Flooring products manufactured in Vietnam that meet European standards can have the opportunity to be exported to countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America ...

Process of manufacturing Laminate Flooring in Vietnam.

The process of manufacturing Laminate Flooring in Vietnam is done through 7 stages to ensure the production of good quality wooden planks.
Step 1: The input wood material used to make HDF wood core is extracted from natural wood in the forest or plantation cooperatives. The type of wood chosen is good quality wood aged from 15 to 20 years, no termites, ... In addition, wood film materials are imported from countries such as Germany, France, South Korea, Switzerland ...
Step 2: Wood materials are cut, sawn, ground into powder form and put into production of HDF core board.
Step 3: Wood pulp is mixed with additives such as colloidal stone powder (some types are mixed with copper oxide) to help increase hardness, stability and prevent termites. Then this mixture is transferred to the pressing stage at high temperature, high pressure (over 950 kg / cm3). HDF planks are in different thicknesses as required by thickness of finished flooring planks.
Step 4: HDF boards are treated on both sides to increase hardness, prevent termites, shrinkage, deformation and warping when put into use.
Step 5: The HDF boards will be rolled with wood grain film on one side. Then, put on a layer of aluminum oxide of different thickness to ensure the aesthetics, keep the pattern and texture of the floor stable, and prevent outside influences from affecting the floor like scratching, anti-dust, anti-slippery. The other side of the wooden plank is laminated with a base made of synthetic resin that makes the plank more stable and waterproof.
Step 6: Wood planks continue to be pressed under high temperature and pressure to help the layers link together.
Step 7: The planks are put into the cutter in different sizes and sawed with 4-sided lock.
Step 8: After being cut to the right specifications, they are checked for quality assessment. When all these standards are met they are packaged up in different quantities and designs to reach consumers.

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Big manufacturing Laminate Flooring factory in Vietnam

San Dep Joint Stock Company has a large industrial Laminate Flooring factory in Hoa Lac - Thach That - Hanoi hi-tech park. Our company manufactures, distributes and exports genuine Laminate Flooring and accepts OME brand orders for companies, agents and shops nationwide. We guarantee our products are of high quality.
If you want to order Laminate Flooring with your own brand or genuine product of San Dep.JSC, please contact our flooring factory at hotline: 0916.422.522 to get advice and order.
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